Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My new bike

In case you don't check my workout blog:

in keeping with Sista K's theme...

here's the view from our apartments just after the rice was planted

YKK Soccer Game

Sunday afternoon Johnny P, Lee and I took in a YKK soccer game.

YKK is the main industry in Kurobe city. Check your zipper...you're probably wearing YKK right now.

Anyway, the company is huge and they sponsor a Japan Football League team. They're pretty good, and almost moved up to the J-League last year (don't ask me what that really means, I don't understand soccer/football). It was a beautiful, sun-filled day. We got to sit with the cheering section. If you've never watched Japanese sports fans, you're missing out. It's full-on, non-stop noise for the entire game. We were given our own instuments to bang away on and bang away we did!!!