Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My first Japanese Wedding

On Sunday I attended a wedding in Toyama city. The couple are friends of mine from NOVA (the private school I used to teach for). Dale was my supervisor, and a great one at that. And Yoko was a dear student of mine. I'm so happy the two of them found each other!

The ceremony was very traditional, with both the bride and groom in formal kimono. It took place in a temple which is built into a hotel - parallel to chapels found in hotels at home. After the ceremony, photos were taken in a studio located on the same floor. The first photos included everyone who took part in the ceremony! Then there was a formal reception for family and close friends. Here they have speeches and toasts, serve tea, etc. My friend, Shigako, played the shamisen (a traditional Japanese instrument) for the couple.

The evening included dinner at a restaurant (about $40 per person and was a buffet and all you can drink Chinese Restaurant). This is common here -guests paying for the meal themselves. There were some games and speeches and of course, cake cutting.

The evening was completed by a couple of hours of karaoke at a local establishment and I was home by midnight! And excellent day spent with old acquaintences and friends -who are quickly becoming 'long time' friends!