Monday, July 24, 2006

day is done

gone the sun....

yeah. it's pouring rain.

it's my final 15 minutes at Nyuzen High School.

i'm going home to put the bikes on the car in the rain.

then i'll finish packing -yes, last minute, the only way i know how.

then K will pick up Amy up from work.

then we'll be on our way!

off to Hokkaido for a week of R&R -probably more like hard play...

see you in a week!

Baseball Highs and Lows

The end of July is baseball season in Japan. Well, for high schools anyway. The prefectures hold elimination tournaments to determine who will go to Koshien and play in the all Japan tourney.

My boys were lucky and got a first round bye. Their first game was a blow out and they won 22-6!

This is a pretty big event and lots of students, teachers, parents and alumni come out to watch. The student team managers prepare signs with each of the players' names on it -they hold these signs up when the player is up to bat so we can chant their names. The student council prepares t-shirts, banners, cheers and cheerleading paraphernalia for everyone. And the brass band plays!!! Once the game starts, it's not stop noise!!! I love it.

Game 2 was a heart breaker. We loaded up 3 busses full of students and drove all the way to Takaoka. We took the lead in the 2nd inning but lost the game on errors. These kids put everything into their sports here and it's painful to watch their dreams come to an end. There were a lot of tears from both the supporters and the players. After the game they came out and thanked everyone and each of the senior boys came up to me say thanks. I couldn't help but tear up. They are great individuals who show amazing commitment (5 or 6 hours a day) to the game. I loved going out to the field to watch them practice when I had time. As I walked towards the stands they would always stop, take of their hats and in unison, give me a big yell of acknowledgement.

Next year boys, next year!