Monday, August 21, 2006

English Camp

I'm off to English Camp until Wednesday!

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Saturday was my John's b-day. Not my brother Johhny P, but my neighbor Johnny P!
We celebrated the occasion in royal fashion. First we dressed in Yukatta (summer kimono) and had dinner at the best restaurant in the city: Sakura Sweets.

Then, by the order of Princess Chika, we invited the local townspeople to join us for a fireworks show down by the sea. And a very fine show it was. The grand finale was a 3 song medley: The Mission Impossible Theme, Amazing Grace (as sung by Charlotte Church), and the William Tell Overture!

click here to get a taste of the musical version
here too

To end the night we went back to Nyuzen's very own 'Koshi' - a local drinking establishment that provides us with endless entertainment on any given night. If it's not the wacky bartenders with stuffed reindeer and money hats, then it's the patrons who bring their 6 and 10 year old daughters and let them dance with the wacky foreigners (that'd be us).

Princess Chika even made a special cake for the birthday boy, made with a secret ingredient...NATTO!! It's become a tradition among us isolated country folk to make cakes for each other with obscure ingredients in an attempt to get the best 'SHOCK-U' value (and keep ourselves entertained). Natto, in one word, is 'gross'. It looks terrible and smells even worse (and now that I'll be eating school lunches, I'll have the pleasure of consuming this super heathly food once in a while, joy oh joy). ANYWAY, like I said, Princess Cheeky was going for shock value (and I'm sure she was secretly hoping for gag value too). So when she brought the cake out and it looked like and ordinary cheesecake, we had to endure the song and the cutting and the handing out of pieces before we could get the reaction we were anticipating. And the reaction was....



will post photos when blogger stops being retarded...