Wednesday, October 19, 2005

photos from the past

Words of advice...

Never try to wax your legs, text message and use an electronic dictionary at the same time....

things get sticky.

Monday, October 17, 2005

A Random Monday Post

I keep thinking that I have something to write about, but when I finally have the time to sit and type.....

Things that are going on in my world this week:

1. It's mid-term week, no classes
2. Wednesday I start my -bloody expensive- cram school sessions in Toyama with two other ALTs -we are all studying for a test in Dec.
3. Thursday is packed -a meeting in the morning at a school I've never heard of...they wanted an ALT to come to their school for a festival of some kind and asked around and my name came up so they called my school and made arrangements...and now I'm going to a festival of some kind at a school I've never heard of....then I have a planning meeting for the mid-year seminar (my 3rd now) and then I'm off to Tokyo to see Kathy for 2 days!!
4. Saturday is dinner with some ex-Nova students whom I haven't seen in years....I can't believe I can actually say that....
5. Sunday is SUMO in Kanazawa -ring side seats, I can hardly stand the anticipation!!