Tuesday, February 07, 2006


What can I say?? He's my dad.
He's smart, he's wise, he's funny, he's creative, he's adventurous, he's brave, he's patient, he's kind, he's generous, AND he can diagnose a car from a million miles away with only sound effects as symptoms.
He's the perfect Dad, good thing he married the perfect Mom!!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

More Boarding at Seaside

Saturday was another funtastic day at the hill. The day started out kind of slow as we encountered expressway closures - AFTER we got on the expressway!!
Friday night had been unbareably nasty -wind and snow and roads that were not fit for driving. There was a 61 car pile up on the expressway that night -but in the opposite direction from where we were headed. Yet for some reason the roads were still closed.
At any rate, we had to back track, get off at the Kurobe interchange, drive back through Nyuzen and Asahi (where we go on) and we had no choice but to take route 8.

I didn't take us long to get over our road woes though. Once we were strapped into our boards we had a full day of fun in the powder. Conditions were perfect for trying new stuff. I got braver as the day went on and it wasn't long before Kirsten and Amber had convinced me to try to the jump again. The table top was also attempted but the most fun was had riding the powder!! Once you get the hang of it, there's nothing like it. We basically closed the hill down on Saturday, rode to the very end, had lift attendants closing the gates behind us.

The we and us's of the weekend included my regular partners in crime -Sista K, Johnny P and Cheeks. But to make the day even better we were joined by the Uozu, and Namerikawa crews and even some cool kids from farther down the ken. About 17 of us in all and that included Jamie who drove all the way from the other end of the ken to hang out. Even though she wasn't boarding due to some snowboarding craziness the week before, she kept down the fort at the bottom of the hill, tended to the sick and fed the hungry (nothing cures the winter chills like one of Jamie's RUM BALLS!!).

We finished the day as usual, a soak at an onsen and a chill night at Koshi.

Thanks to Amber for the photo and thanks to all who came out to Seaside.
Sorry you missed it Amy-chan, but I'm sure you'll make up for it this weekend!!