Saturday, July 23, 2005

Saying Goodbye

Well, it's the last week of the 2004/2005 contract year. Those that have decided to go on to bigger and better -or just different - things, are making their way out of Japan in the next couple of days. On the weekend we held a Hawaiian Party and I had to say 'mata ne' (see you later) to a lot of wonderful friends who I know I will meet again in the not too distant future.

Another English Camp - Uozu

On Saturday I was involved in yet another English Camp, this time in Uozu, a city two towns over from Nyuzen. We visited some of the biggest trees in the area as well as Snake Rock. The kids were great, but my real reason was to spend the day with Sandy, one of the first JETs I met when I came to Toyama 3 years ago. She and her husband Steve have finished their three years on the JET programme and are heading off to lands far and wide in search of more adventures. I wish them luck and will miss them dearly.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Hanging out with my students.

Nothing much to do now that classes are done. It is parent/teacher day today and students are hanging out, preparing for their sports day in September.

Keiichiro thinks I'm cool enough to take pictures with...lucky me!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

English Camp at Nyuzen High School

Although there wasn't a lot of English, there was a lot of fun!

How I spend my weekends...

Friday, July 1 -
Canada Day Celebrations in Toyama City -Dinner and print club with friends, what more could you ask for?
Saturday, July 2 -
Morning: Teaching Engish to preschoolers and elementary school students.
Afternoon: Playing beach volleyball with the Nyuzen High School staff.
Evening: a nice long swim

Sunday, July 3 -
Up at 4:00 a.m. and off to the Temple in Toyama for the charity flea market.
An afternoon in Ishikawa Prefecture to play in the gorge.

Friday, July 8 -
Off to Osaka to spend the weekend with a friend from home and his group from the YMCA in Lethbridge.
Saturday, July 9-
Touring Osaka with the YMCA kids from Osaka and Lethbridge.
Sunday, July 10 -
Back to Toyama for a farewell dinner for the JETs who will be leaving this year.

Friday, July 15-
Dinner and live music in Takaoka with Shigako.
Saturday, July 16-
Tateyama English Camp with Thip, Jamie, Rene and Jimmy.
Sunday, Juy 17 -
End of the Tateyama English Camp and an evening with Thip in Namerikawa for fireworks.
Monday, July 18-
Lunch at the Nojiri's with Takako, Tomoko, Tadayuki and Kotaro.
Dinner with Ai and Kazu in Toyama.