Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I really should start posting regularly again. Sorry about that -especially to the people back home. I'm pretty busy at work these days with final projects and exams. They keep me busy, unlike most other times of the year.

Had a big BBQ this weekend at the beach and enough people must have made sacrifices to the sun gods, because we had a great day! We set up a big tent that I picked up for cheap. K went overboard on food and drinks, I made chili and potato salad and almost everyone else who came also made contributions to the all day eating fest. There was food and drink to last us from 1:00 to 11:00!!! Lee brought his grill out, as did Johnny. People took turns cooking most of the day. They'd just pull something out of a cooler or bag, stick it on the grill and somebody would inevitably eat it!

We swam in the sea, played frisbee, made a bonfire, had pseudo s'mores, a HUGE b-day cake was devoured in a matter of minutes, the fireworks lasted a couple of hours, and nobody got injured!!!!

A great day, thank you to everyone who came out, especially my Japanese friends who travelled from Toyama and as far as Oyabe to come and celebrate with me!

Thanks to Johnny, Kirsten, Amy, Lee, Chika, Tomo, and Mihoko for doing a fabulous clean up job. There was quite a disaster by the end of the night. We managed quite well in the dark. I spent the majority of Sunday sorting out the recylables and sweeping out the sand from EVERYTHING!! Well worth it, as we managed to come away with only 2 bags of garbage at the end.

If you've got any photos, please send them my way, I didn't get a chance to take many...

off to the beach (you'd think I was packing for a week...)

Tomoko and Koutaro

'my' boys! I invited some of my High School kids to come to the party -5 of them showed up and stayed allllll day!! I think they had fun. I know I did!

THE CAKE!! K, Amy and Johnny ordered this from 'the flying pig' (costco online) notice it says 'Rinea and Scott'. Scott's b b-day is also the 19th, but he couldn't make it to the bbq.