Saturday, March 03, 2007

A busy week that ended with a bang... a ka-pow? OK, a crash.

Monday I got to watch my ni-neseis (grade twos) rehearse a Japanese folk tale IN ENGLISH. It was great!!

Tuesday I was filmed again for TV!

Wednesday was nice and mild.

Thursday I went to Nyuzen High School's Graduation Ceremony. I had planned on attending regardless, but the school sent me a formal invitation which I thought was nice. Much to my surprise I was treated as one of the 'honored' guests! I got to sit with all the city officials and big wigs! Fun. It was bitter sweet to hear all of my students names read and then to see them off as they left the school for the last time. These are the students that started their high school experience with me. I have known them for a full three years and it made me so happy to know that they wanted to share their day with me.

And to make me feel even better I was invited by the teachers to join the enkai (staff party) afterwards. It was a great night chatting it up with the teachers.

Between the Graduation Ceremony and the party I went back to work for the afternoon and cooked Nanaimo bars with my Grade Sixes. Minor chaos to say the least, but a good experience for all.

Friday I was on TV.

And FINALLY Saturday arrived! Boarding day!! Everything was going pretty well - a great group of people, as usual and lots of sunshine -and then, thinking this might be one of the last days on the hill, K and I decided to take some video. To say the least, it was a big hit!!

Monday, February 26, 2007


Main Entry: at·trac·tion
Pronunciation: &-'trak-sh&n
Function: noun
1 a : the act, process, or power of attracting b : personal charm
2 : the action or power of drawing forth a response : an attractive quality

from Webster's online