Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A crazy week at work.

Last week was a bit of a whirlwind for me.
To start with, my Great Uncle Fred passes away last week. It's at these times that I wish I were closer to family.

On Wednesday I had a important demonstration lesson at one of my elementary schools on Wednesday. People came from as far away as Tokyo to watch me, the Japanese Assistant Teacher and the homeroom teacher teach a 6th grade class. We have been planning the class since October! I am so glad it's over and done with.

On Saturday I hosted a party for some friends who are all celebrating birthdays in February. I can't believe how many February birthdays there are! I know at least six people who were born on the 9th alone!

On Sunday I went snowboarding with friends. The weather was crazy, the clouds rolled in and you could hardly see the lift in front of you. Then they cleared up and it was a brilliant time in the powder, then the clouds rolled back in and it we were once again going down the hills blindly. Thank goodness for all the snow -it didn't hurt at all when we biffed it -but it took ages to dig ourselves out.

The school year is winding down so all the schools are preparing for graduation ceremonies -at all three levels: elementary, jr high and high school. It's hard to believe the first high school students I saw graduate will be 23 this year!

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